Association pour la Formation des Métiers de l´Aviation

AFMAé, the Training Association for Aeronautical Professions was founded in 1996 on the initiative of French companies in aeronautical construction, maintenance, airport services and air transport.

Board members are AIR FRANCE, PARIS AIRPORT GROUP, the French National Federation of Commercial Aviation and the French Aerospace Industries association. Their mission is to help identifying human resources needs of the different partners, building and implementing adequate training solutions in order to allow developing knowledge and skills for qualified mechanics and technicians of the related sectors.

Our ambition:  aiming at excellence in offering training solutions to help motivated youngsters to get a highly technical job in conjunction with the expectations of aeronautical companies.

AFMAé owns 6 aeronautical diplomas and licenses approved by EASA part 147-00023since 2005:

 - aero structure,

 - air frame systems,

 - avionics systems mechanic,

 - aero planes turbine,

 - avionics European license and

 - aeronautical upper level Technicians

Our training facilities are located in the south of Paris at Massy and on the Toussus-le-Noble airport (southwest of Paris).

Today, AFMAé is training 380 aeronautical mechanics and technicians, 185 ground staff and 250 stewards and stewardesses.

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Aviation training at Vocational College Alsdorf

The Vocational College Alsdorf  is a centre for initial vocational training and further vocational training in the areas of:

 - Information Technology,

 - Metal Technology,

 - Environmental Technology,

 - Social and Health Care,

 - Electrical Engineering,

 - Nutrition Management, as well as

 - Training Preparation.

 - The qualifications in aviation are based on certifications by well-known institutions and companies and collaborations with them.

 - The certification was carried out by the LBA on behalf of EASA (European Aviation Safty Agency).

Since August 2010, training in aircraft maintenance and – maintenance has been carried out at the Vocational College Alsdorf. Since 2012, our graduates have been coveted employees in aviation companies in North Rhine-Westphalia.

By setting up a hangar, an engine shop and a metal workshop at the Vocational College Alsdorf, we have been able to carry out the complete aviation training at Vocational College Alsdorf on a largely independent basis since 2015. There are a wide range of collaborations and additional services to improve and supplement the training.

Since the beginning of the training activities, the company Westflug Aachen has been working closely with the airfield Aachen Merzbrück. Since 2015, we have also been cooperating with Rheinland Air Service (RAS) at Mönchengladbach Airport. During our training, our cooperation partner enables us to carry out aeronautical training in a practical and real-world manner. We are supported by mechanics and examiners from the RAS. It turns out that this is a win-win situation for both sides.

In addition, RAS has become home for many of our graduates who carry out their paid annual internship there. This is necessary to complete training as a "freelance mechanic." and also allows them to gain first professional experience.

In the meantime, the graduates of our aviation training work as mechanics at RAS.

The companies elitejet, also at Mönchengladbach Airport, and Westflug Aachen now employ several graduates as annual lecturers and mechanics.  In addition to these three aviation companies, our graduates throughout North Rhine-Westphalia work with a wide variety of aviation companies of rank and name.

But it's not just as mechanics that our graduates are in demand. Even as students in Department 6 – Aerospace Technology at the Aachen University of Applied Sciences, our graduates are welcome. The foundations that the former graduates have gathered with us, as well as the established contacts, have already led to several studies and final theses in the airlines in our region.

Since 2014, our students have been spending several weeks of internships abroad during their apprenticeship under the European Mobility Programme Erasmus+. For example, we have cooperation partners in Italy, Finland and, soon, in France. In addition to other professional skills, our students get to know new cultures and people.

The cooperation with the Aachen Air Sports Association (LV Aachen) has proven to be a good complement to the technical aviation training. As part of this cooperation, our students have the opportunity to acquire first flight experiences in gliding. A large part of the costs incurred are borne by sponsors.

The future will show whether, according to international standards, aviation training, with its common content in all European countries, can also be a model for vocational training throughout Europe. Our Erasmus+ KA2 project with partners from Finland, Belgium, France and Italy will show whether this training can be furtherly harmonised in Europe.

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For more information, you can alkso visit these sites:

 - Aviation department of our college

 - Student website of the aeronautical education course:

 - Aachen Air Sports Club


Chair and Institute of Industrial Engineering and Ergonomics (IAW) RWTH Aachen University

The focus of our research is the construction and optimisation of work processes in development, production and service, vocational training, qualification research in the industrial technical domain and the use of digital media in vocational educational concepts.

 - The Chair and Institute of Industrial Engineering and Ergonomics is divided into the departments:

 - System Ergonomics,

 - Ergonomics and Human-Machine-systems,

 - Workorganisation,

 - Technical Vocational Education and Training

 - Human Factors Engineering and Ergonomics in Healthcare.

In the future, companies will need to demonstrate a great ability to cooperate and handle changes. The main potential is built by the people that are working for the company and their work. Important for this is the interpretation of the individual working system as well as the integrated and holistic organisation of working processes. We fulfil this complex task nationally and internationally in the fields of system ergonomics, technical development of working processes, personnel development, analysis of professional work and business processes and in vocational training. Based on innovative, ergonomically optimised forms of human-technology-interaction we promote the competence, knowledge and skills of employees in complex working processes. Together with research institutions and our business customers we are putting this goal into practice. It is a benefit for larger companies as well as for small and medium-sized enterprises.

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I.S.I.S. Andrea Ponti

"Istituto Statale Istruzione Superiore (I.S.I.S.) Andrea Ponti" is a polytechnic school with currently:

 - 1750 students

 - 210 teachers

 - 3 school buildings

The peculiarities of our school is represented by a strong link with the productive factor of the industrial area, in which it is not only a protagonist  in a long time experience of school-work and work experience, but also a promoter of innovative forms of collaboration with companies and institutions, which made it possible over the years to enrich the educational offer by training  courses held by specialized companies and to strengthen laboratories with equipment donated by the companies themselves.

The area of Gallarate is characterized by a strong manufacturing presence, which has kept, despite the crisis, a higher level of employment, compared to other Italian provinces, especially in sectors like mechanical and mechatronics, aerospace, home automation, which show technological standards of high level and export worldwide. Technical graduates  from our Institute ISIS “Ponti”  are present in almost all companies who appreciate their school  preparation


School Specialization

 - 5 year courses with a technical diploma:

 - Aeronautical Constructions

 - Environment and Territory Constructions

 - Information Technology

 - Mechanics and Mechatronics

 - Energy

 - Environmental Biotechnologies

Aeronautical Construction

 - 5 Year course with a vocational diploma

 - Maintenance and Technical Assistance


3 year courses with a certificatre of  vocational quaklification + a 1 year course with technical diploma

 - Mechanic operator

 - Thermo-hydraulic systems operator

 - Electric operator / electronic operator


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Kouvola Region Vocational College (KSAO)

Kouvola Region Vocational College (KSAO) is a multi-disciplinary vocational institution situated in Kouvola, Finland.  The educational provider is  the City of Kouvola. Altogether in the college there are about 3500 students and the number of personnel is around 250.

The college offers vocational upper secondary education and training in 50 different professions. It offers Vocational Qualifications, Further Vocational Qualifications, Specialist Vocational Qualifications and short courses. Students can study for qualifications through In-service training; Apprenticeship training; Competence test system; and Labour market training (adult employment training).

Close co-operation with the economic markets is very active and changes in the labour market have a direct impact on education programmes.

Kouvola Region Vocational College is very active in international co-operation, the first activities were started in 1985. The college sends abroad about 100 students every year for students exchange  and receives the same number of students.  The personnel of the college is very international too. Some 80 of them take part of exchanges every year, college hosts teachers from other countries the same number.

Kouvola Region Vocational College, KSAO, carries out Erasmus+ KA1 -projects for students and teachers mobilities and holds VET Mobility Charter. KSAO co-ordinates and takes part in many Erasmus+ KA2 -partnerships projects. The college takes part in networks of Finnish vocational colleges financed by the Finnish Agency for Education and also co-ordinates the network to Russia.  The aim of the networks is to build co-operation with the countries outside EU.

Kouvola Region Vocational College is actively involved in co-operation with colleges and employers internationally. The college sends abroad about 100 students every year for students exchange and workplacement periods and receives the same number of students.  The personnel of the college takes part in the international activities very eagerly. Some 80 of them take part of exchanges every year and the college hosts teachers from other countries the same number every year.


Aviation Training

KSAO Aircraft Maintenance Training

Approval number FI.147.0008

Training center located in Kouvola at Utti airfield


KSAO B1.3 and B1.4 basic training in brief

 - Each year, about 20 students are selected by selection tests

 - Education lasts 3 years

 - In total, about 60 students in KSAO studying aircraft maintenance

 - In the hangar we have got 6 helicopters (2 x Mi-8, MD500, R22, Dauphine SA360, Jet Ranger 206) and one airplane (PA28) for maintenance training

 - Background workshops: Sheet metal workshop, welding workshop, finishing/ composite workshop, workshop for devices, electrical workshop, powerplant workshop

 - The education is carried out by 6 instructors

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Technifutur, a skills center with the status of non-profit making company, fulfils one main mission technical training with one priority: meeting the current needs of the companies and anticipating those of tomorrow.

Technifutur covers 16 sectors of activity, from aeronautics to welding, through automation, automobility, design, ecosystem, electricity, energy and environment, image and multimedia, IT, machining, maintenance, measurement and control, micro-technologies, management and materials. The skills center is aimed at three types of public: companies and their staff, final years of secondary technical schools and job seekers.

Each year, Technifutur trains 16.000 people for a total of 800.000 man hours.

By nature flexible, Technifutur offers training courses on its premises, on those of client companies and remotely (e-learning), with a leitmotiv to make customized material for companies. This enabled Technifutur to obtain several official approvals to dispense training courses in aeronautics, in non-destructive testing, in welding etc.

Technifutur also takes part in several lnterreg projects and is member of several international associations among which EVBB.

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